While listening to “Odds” one can get the feeling of going deeper and deeper into the woods, mighty trees and pines protrude into the sky. There are so many trees that the new canopy of the forest becomes the sky itself. Our only steady companion is Lehmann’s voice with its emotional intensity so tremendous at times, it let’s these vast orchestral structures tumble and fall and so frail at others that it threatens to disappear. (Henrike Schröder)

Members: Kai Lehmann, Ronny Wunderwald, Neli Mothes, Lars Hiller, Frank Heim, Karsten Pretschner, Ludwig Bauer, Benjamin Arnold, Alina Gropper, Philine Jobst, Filip Sommer, Gunther Strehlau, Bernd Wunderwald, Markus Altmann

“Das klingt mal nach The National, mal nach Bright Eyes – und doch immer eigen. Garda sind eine der besten Indie-Bands aus Deutschland. Mehr denn je.” (Album der Woche bei