HTC 036 - THE COLORADAS - s/t - LP & CD
HTC 033 - THE GENTLE LURCH - new album - LP
HTC 037 - DIGGER BARNES - every story true - LP/CD
HTC 038 - GARDA - heart of a pro - LP
HTC 039 - FISHING CLUB SERIES - #1 - 7inch
HTC 040 - THE COLORADAS - big empty - LP/CD
HTC 042 - THE HEATED LAND - s/t - LP
HTC 043 - DRAG THE RIVER - s/t - LP
HTC 044 - GARDA - die technique die - LP

DIGGER BARNES - new album - Nov. 14th
October 10th, 2014

DIGGER BARNES - frame by frame CD/LP - OUT NOV 14th

On November 14th our hard working compadre DIGGER BARNES will put out his new record on Barnes & Quincy / Hometown Caravan. The record is called FRAME BY FRAME and you can preorder this masterpiece 27th of october through our onlineshop for a special price. We are really really proud!
you can hear the first song 'What Will We Do' of DIGGER BARNES' new album 'Frame By Frame' on our BANDCAMP PAGE

July 12, 2014

THE GENTLE LURCH - workingman's lurch

The new THE GENTLE LURCH record called ‘workingman's lurch coming out on July, 25th. The vinyl will be limited to 325 copies and the cd version is included. So pre-order your copy now and get a surprise Hometown Caravan record and a sticker for free.

check out their video of 'the darkest grove of pines'

March 16th, 2014

GARDA 'die technique die' LP pre-order now!!!

On April, 18th we will re-release GARDA's debut record "die technique die" for the first time on vinyl. The record will be limited to 325 copies and the preorder starts today through our webstore.
Every preorder will get a limted Garda Japan tourposter for free.
"Strange chords, always sounding as if something is breaking inside of them, straight beats and lucid structures often enlarged with piano, organ, clarinet, additional guitars, cello, tenor horn and trumpet, played by numerous befriended musicians with an outstanding feeling for atmosphere and melodies."

November 15th,2013

THE COLORADAS - big empty - out today

We’re happy to announce the official release of the new album by THE COLORADAS: The Big Empty is now available in our ONLINE STORE
As always for a very special price!
Also, there’s two different COLORADAS bundles for a short time available:

COLORADAS CD bundle (- Big Empty CD + S/T CD + Poster) - 18 €.

COLORADAS LP bundle ( - Big Empty LP / MP3 + S/T LP & CD + Poster) - 22 €.

November 5th,2013

new DRAG THE RIVER album - pre-order-

When JON SNODGRASS unexpectedly asked me if I wanted to do the new DRAG THE RIVER vinyl on short notice, I got pretty excited! Their new full band studio album totally rocks and will be released on Hometown Caravan as early as next month!

We had to be very quick about things this time which is why there’s no precise release date at the moment but the records should be ready for pickup at the pressing plant in mid December!

That is why pre orders are starting in our ONLINE STORE as of now. We will ship out the actual records as soon as we can get our hands on them! This release will also be available in the US on LAST CHANCE and in the UK on XTRA MILE

November 4th, 2013


on December 6th, 2013 we will put out the great debut LP of Dresden's HEATED LAND together with our buddies of K&F Records. The preorder will start though our online store November 15th.

October 7th,2013


A true masterpiece! This is what the young band HEATED LAND from Dresden, Germany have confronted us with. My favorite office compadres from K&F Records and I didn't have a hard time deciding that we have no choice but to put this out on record! As a result I'm happy to announce that this collaboration between K&F Records and Hometown Caravan will be released before this year is over.

To shorten your wait for the real deal and to convince everyone of the record's quality the band has already put up a free downloadable version of the EP 'paperchasin' which can be accessed here: download 'paperchasin' on bandcamp

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