HTC036 The Coloradas - Self Titled

Artist: The Coloradas
Released: Feb 2012
Format: CD I LP + CD
Pressinginfo: 300 copies black vinyl


1 . Misery

2. This Isn’t Love, Natalie

3. Waitimng On The Doctor To Call

4. Red Dress

5. Down On My Knees

6. Eight Ball Blues

7. A Brand New Day

8. Our Disguises

9. Crooked Youth 

10. How Little You Needed Love

11. Know Your Enemy

12. Enid


The Coloradas are a collaboration between singer and songwriter Roy Davis, his longtime musical co-creator Bernie Nye (songwriter, vocals, banjo, and guitar), and the very best bluegrass musicians from the great state of Maine. 

Davis has been busy.  Though only 25, the last five years of his life have included three full length indie/folk albums (We Are A lightning Bolt, Deadweight, Grey Town), several US tours from coast to coast, and most recently a burgeoning transition to Europe.

The result is their self-titled debut, recorded over a period of two months in Portland, Maine: a collection of energetic, lyrically-dense country songs, performed in music’s most natural form; live, acoustic, and in one room. Mandolin (Joe Walsh), upright bass (Amanda Kowalski, Steve Roy), and banjo (Nye) lay down the foundation as the album weaves its way through rollicking Dylan-esque blues, pretty country waltzes, and stripped-down acoustic stories. It sounds like a group of traveled American roots musicians remembering how fun making a record can be.

The great quality vinyl is limited to 300 copies and you will find also a CD version in every LP.