HTC006 Always Outnumbered - When Potential Outweights Ability

Artist: Always Outnumbered
Released: Apr 2001
Format: LP
Pressinginfo: 1000 copies black vinyl I gatefold cover


01.Longer The Stretch

02.Can It’s Ring Peril

03.Fades To Grey

04.Just Say The Words

05.Our Last Bow

06.Kathrine The Grateful

07.Burn Yourself Alive

08.Never Let Go

09.Without Concern

10.A Beginning And An End


10 great rocksongs by this young emo/pop/punk band from Burlington, Canada. Artists like “Hot Water Music” and “Knapsack” play a huge role in the song writing and bands like “The Get Up Kids” and “Grade” are favourites of ALWAYS OUTNUMBERED. Smartly constructed, emotionally charged post-hardcore. A new breed of music not brash enough to be Hardcore, not biting enough for Punk, not wimpy enough for Emo, rock on!!!