Hello Emerson – to keep him here – Audio CD


Brandnew full length record by HELLO EMERSON from Columbus, Ohio. Available as Vinyl, CD & Digital.


Hello Emerson – to keep him here
Digipak version with booklet and all lyrics.
Our newest album starts with these two tracks. The whole album focuses on an event in 2017 that landed my father in the hospital for nine days, without any memory to explain why. This is about first hearing the news.
I remember that I got a call from Mom at work on a Wednesday. In a little office with a little window that looked out at the parking lot. And she didn’t really have any information. Just that she was on the highway driving up to the University of Michigan hospital. She called me to let me know, and to prepare me for when she called back later – either to tell me to stay home or to drive up.
Part of the difficulty of everything is that the event that led to his injury was a random accident while he was doing a random act of kindness. There’s nothing that anyone could do to prevent it. There’s no one to blame. We can do everything we can to avoid carcinogens, keep ourselves healthy, work out, eat well, and it is worth doing. But it also means nothing at the same time, because that’s just how the world works. Sam / Hello Emerson

We count Hello Emerson among the best indie bands in the USA…. His greatest strength is finding the true depth of everyday stories without making a fuss. (MDR Kultur – Radio feature on 2/10/2020)

There’s no getting around the Americana indie folk rock band Hello Emerson… The comparisons with Conor Oberst or Ryan Adams are still justified, and Sam Bodary could hardly wish for better references. With “How To Cook Everything” he once again succeeds in a varied and multi-layered Americana indie folk rock album… “How To Cook Everything” has become a huge successor to “Above The Floorboards”, establishing Bodary as a brilliant songwriter. Sounds & Books