Vinyl LP – Wayne Graham – songs only a mother could love

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limited Record Store Day 2019 edition.

limited to 400 copies. bone white vinyl.


“Songs Only A Mother Could Love” forms a trilogy with “Mexico” (2016) and “Joy!” (2018). However, singer and songwriter Kenny Miles sees the upcoming album as more of a prequel to these two, because it is a collection of songs which, for various reasons, were never finalized during the recording of these albums. As their label, one shed some tears when songs like “House I’ll Never See” or “Silver Spoon” vanished from the track list at some point in the process. There are live favorites from previous tours which never got recorded (“By and By”, “Two Minutes”). And some songs that never even found their way over as demo versions. “Flower Store” for example is an almost classical Americana piece, with lyrics so perfectly writ and woven into the fabric of the music – another song that makes you wonder why Wayne Graham is not a household name in every dusty American Jukebox.