John Blek – The Embers – Preorder

from now you can preorder the amazing new John Blek record called “Embers” in our Shop for a very special preorder deal. The record will be out on February 7th, 2020. We will ship all preorder worldwide on February 3rd, 2020. You can hear the first single “Empty Pockets” on bandcamp.… Read More

new John Blek single ‘Empty Pockets’ out now.

The first song from JOHN BLEK’s upcoming new Album “The Embers” are out today. Check it out here: After the fires of love, lust, life and revolution have burned out the embers are all that remain. “The Embers” the new album from John Blek consists of 9 visceral songs. Reflections and memories from a… Read More

New single ‘By And By’ out today

Today Wayne Graham release their second single ‘By And By’ from the album ‘Songs Only A Mother Could Love’. The full record will be available for streaming on May 31. “ The sublime Americana of the brothers […] takes a while until it enfolds its full splendor. But then you want to listen to these… Read More

Limited Colored RSD Vinyl Arrived

Our new & exclusive Record Store Day Germany Release WAYNE GRAHAM‘s – songs only a mother could love – LP comes April 13th. We have just a very few copies left here for buyers outside Germany, Austria, Swiss and Scandinavia. So if you want one of those fine record please write us a mail to… Read More