HTC038 Garda - A Heart Of A Pro

Artist: Garda
Released: Apr 2012
Format: LP + MP3
Pressinginfo: 525 copies black vinyl


1. Upper / Lower Water Course

2. Vessels

3. Oh Euphoria, My dear

4. A Heart Of A Pro

5. Gallows

6. Hiroo Onoda

7. Black

8. People

9. A Guilty Consience Needs No Accuser

10. 00:00


Garda from Dresden, Germany, have created a record of astonishing beauty and musical intricacy around a feeling of being „caught in the undertow of mistakes“, as the title track puts it. “A Heart Of A Pro” rises above the band’s original indie folk context, condensing their music into complex formations, densely woven and majestic.

Mastered by Doug van Sloun (Omaha/Nebraska, Bright Eyes, Cursive,…).