HTC016 Chuck Ragan & Austin Lucas - Bristle Ridge

Artist: Chuck Ragan Austin Lucas
Released: May 2008
Format: LP
Pressinginfo: 1510 copies black vinyl I gatefold cover


01.Bloody Shells


03.Cold Night

04.Hold My Bed

05.Simple Life

06.Sun Or Snow

07.Darling Corey

08.Distant Land To Roam


10.Heading Down

11.The Light

12.Judgement Day




I’ve just completed a new record with some great friends. After the west coast run, Jon Gaunt and I teamed up with Austin Lucas, his father Bob Lucas, and Bass fiddle man Digger Barnes.

Together we hit it off from the start and comprised a solid record of 12 numbers. What we came up with was a great and special moment unexpected by all of us there. Austin and I have planned this project for sometime now, even though this record is considered a split collaboration between all of us involved.

The songs consist of 3 Chuck Ragan originals, 3 Austin Lucas originals, 3 Ragan/Lucas originals, 1 original by Bob Lucas, and 2 old time standards 
called Darling Corey and Distant Land To Roam.

The entire record has a very strong sense of bluegrass, folk and old time gospel with a certain feel of exactly where we were and what was going on when we laid it down. Which was a group of strangers coming together to enjoy good food and music up in the hills on the highest point of Ohio for a week and leaving as friends by the end. We recorded this session at Bob Lucas and Laura Gayle’s home on top of Bristle Ridge in Zanesfield, Ohio. 
It was truly a sight and time to remember and we owe these kindred spirits for this great memory! Chuck Ragan