HTC044 Garda - Die, Technique, Die

Artist: Garda
Released: Apr 2014
Pressinginfo: 325 copies black vinyl


01. Die, Technique, Die! 02. This city is ours 03. Chest 04. Mistakes & Failures 05. Ghosts 06. Maps & Maths 07. Fwrd/Reverse/Stop 08. Repeat & Control 09. Yeah, Keep it up and Dance! 10. States 11. My Heart is empty


A guitar, a drum set, two young gentlemen who were brought up in the Ore Mountains of Eastern Germany. But Garda isn’t a two-piece, it is an idea. One person writes the songs and an open collective of friends writes arrangements for them. Strange chords, always sounding as if something is breaking inside of them, straight beats and lucid structures often enlarged with piano, organ, clarinet, additional guitars, cello, tenor horn and trumpet, played by numerous befriended musicians with an outstanding feeling for atmosphere and melodies.

Limited vinyl edition of their first album.