HTC059 John Blek - Digressions #1 Live at Studiowz

Artist: John Blek
Released: May 2020
Format: CD
Pressinginfo: limited CD edition


  1. Introduction
  2. The Blackwater
  3. Colours Rising
  4. Lace
  5. Hannah
  6. Killing Time
  7. Lightness Vs. Weight
  8. Needle & Thread
  9. North Star Lady
  10. All The Night
  11. Little Sparrow


Recorded live on the 4th April 2019 at a gig in Studiowz in rural South Wales. This album is John Blek at his live best.

10 songs performed solo with acoustic guitar and voice in a beautiful recording studio in front of an audience. 

“A missed note, a voice breaking, a phone ringing. Live music should never be perfect. It is an effort to portray one’s humanity to an audience, not one’s precision. A moment given by an artist and taken by the people to help them acknowledge their own imperfections through the words and music of an honest and flawed performance. 

Bare guitar and voice. Melody, harmony and stories of my life as heard by the audience that beautiful night and captured by  Owain Fleetwood. “

It is the first in a series Blek is calling “Digressions”. These will be limited run releases of live shows or obscure recordings of songs that never made it on to his “Official” releases.