HTC057 Austin Lucas - No One Is Immortal

Artist: Austin Lucas
Released: Oct 2019
Format: LP + MP3 I CD + DVD
Pressinginfo: 1000 copies black vinyl together with Last Chance Records


  1. Unbroken Hearts
  2. Monroe County Nights
  3. Four Wheels
  4. Let Me In
  5. Somebody Loves You
  6. Immortal Americans
  7. Ain’t We Free
  8. Gift and a Gamble
  9. Thunder Rail
  10. Alone in Memphis


Austin Lucas & The Bold Party “No One is Immortal!” availableOct. 18! Available on vinyl or as a 2 disc CD/DVD combo pack. Featuring ten fan-favorite tracks recorded live in Bloomington, IN in 2018!

” I am bursting at the seams with joy to announce that on October 18, 2019, we will release our new album and concert film, Austin Lucas & The Bold Party: No One Is Immortal. Live! recorded and filmed last November at our beloved Blockhouse Bar in Bloomington, Indiana. ”

“We’ve been tearing up highways and clubs all over the United States, and The Bold Party and I are so proud to have documented the show, brought forth thanks to the wonderful people at Last Chance Records. Finally, y’all will be able to hear and own new songs and old classics in the way that they’ve been reimagined for our live performances. If y’all have already seen us, you know how rowdy we get, and how much fun we have with our audiences.  ” Austin Lucas