HTC012 Austin Lucas - The Common Cold

Artist: Austin Lucas
Released: Apr 2006
Format: LP
Pressinginfo: 1st press 525 copies black vinyl (black artwork) I 2nd press (2009) 500 copies black vinyl in a new artwork


01.Dead Factories


03.Pigeon Father

04.Anything For The Baby

05.Common Cold

06.Corn Husker

07.Cruel Brothers

08.Kith And Kin

09.Last Song For A Sweeheart


Mixing old time traditional american music along with contemporary indie influences, Austin Lucas’ new album “the common cold” combines the best from multipal generations of american roots music. Following in what is quite possibly the most important of traditions in ll forms of roots music, austin’s family is heard throughout this recording. His father Bob Lucas lends the banjo and fiddle throughout the album and his sister Chloe manor’ voice is heard on the haunting irish murder ballad “Cruel Brothers”. With driven picking and beautiful vocal harmonies, this album should be a breath of fresh air for fans of depression era country as well as those of lo-fi acoustic indie music.