Hello Emerson – how to cook everything – Vinyl LP




Hello Emerson – How to cook everything – LP

Limited to 500 copies. KF Records. 2020

DPA (Deutsche Presse-Agentur / German Associated Press) As with Andy Shauf, it is the fabulous band arrangements and a great voice that lift the album by Hello Emerson, released by Dresden’s small KF Records, far beyond normal folk pop standards….After already promising debut Above The Floorboards (2018), Bodary has once again succeeded in creating a very beautiful, rich album.

MDR KULTUR Spezial Musik: New Album Recommendations We count them among the best indie bands in the USA…. His greatest strength is finding the true depth of everyday stories without making a fuss. (Radio feature on 2/10/2020)

Columbus Alive – 2020 local record of the year. (Additional profile here)

Sounds and Books – There’s no getting around the Americana indie folk rock band Hello Emerson… The comparisons with Conor Oberst or Ryan Adams are still justified, and Sam Bodary could hardly wish for better references. With “How To Cook Everything” he once again succeeds in a varied and multi-layered Americana indie folk rock album… “How To Cook Everything” has become a huge successor to “Above The Floorboards”, establishing Bodary as a brilliant songwriter. You can’t avoid Hello Emerson

PlattentestsThe great “Edges and corners” beckons you towards The Mountain Goats in a dream-like security, while two songs later “We lost” bursts into the room and exhorts everyone to dance – of course, without appearing out of place in any way… When “Seat 16B” finally offers all the drama available, the trade fair has long been read and people have long been convinced by “How to Cook Everything”. It just tastes good here!

Like HiFi Press reviews outdo each other with praise for the young songwriter Samuel Emerson Bodary…. Simply fantastic sound with crystal-clear, finely delineated instruments… Intimate American folk and blues that Samuel Emerson Bodary’s sonorous voice could not accompany more vividly. 

SoundKartell: InterviewHe delivers everything here: one-course menu, four-course menu and of course a sweet dessert.

Mark Bittman, author of bestselling cookbook How to Cook Everything – Love it! Can’t wait to see you all live.