Happy Releaseday Heated Land!

Heated Land’ brandnew record ‘Forest Tapes’ is out today. Check the Shop for the limited Vinyl. We have CDs too.

Forest Tapes by Heated Land


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Heated Land – Forest Tapes
Release Date: SEP 29, 2023
Limited Vinyl (317 copies) & Digital
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„Forest Tapes“ is a new album by Heated Land. It was recorded directly to tape through just one microphone in a living room in Southern Germany and it is – we are not kidding – one of the best sounding and most soulful pieces of music we have heard in a long time.

Live performance has always been at the heart of Heated Land’s music. These recording sessions with their long-time collaborator Torsten Lang – despite being carefully engineered and rehearsed – capture the band’s essence: Andi Mayrock’s rugged, feral songwriting and lyricism at the core of timeless, ever-changing, free-flowing songs about eternity, nature, capitalism, self-knowledge, and community. 

The record’s track list is comprised of new, unreleased material and new versions of songs from their two previous albums. It has a bluegrassy mood to it, but not one of wild improvisation. The minimalism of Wilhelmine Schwabs violin suggests she carefully chose only the most devastatingly beautiful notes. Raja Ghraizi’s lead guitar playing is otherworldly. Time and again, a small choir weighs in. No drums, no overdubs, no editing. 

They are being joined by Simon Preuss double bass on the b-side of the album. Their landlord, the stone sculptor and musician Milan Lipsky, contributes saxophone to an epic version of “Off The Trees”. He wound up playing his part out on the snowy terrace through a half-open door to not disrupt the carefully balanced sound image. It was ok. The music on “Forest Tapes” turned into a cozy fireplace.

Happy Releaseday ‘Until the Rivers run dry’

John Blek’s new record ‘Until the Rivers run dry’ is out today. You will find the regular pressing and the very limited magenta colored vinyl in our shop.

“Until The Rivers Run Dry is John Blek’s most romantic, relaxed and readily accessible work to date. It finds him at the peak of his powers, although we expect more great things to come.” Folk Radio UK

“…you might wonder why on earth Blek remains one of Ireland’s best-kept secrets.” (4,5 von 5) – The Irish Times

Wayne Graham – ISH

New WAYNE GRAHAM record ‘ISH’ will be out 2022/11/11.
Now available for preorder as limited coloured snot green vinyl, yellow vinyl, regular black vinyl, digi-sleeve CD and ‘The ultimate WAYNE GRAHAM Vinyl bundle.

I fell in love

The first single ‘I fell in love’ from the upcoming WAYNE GRAHAM album out now. The new record called “ISH” is coming in November 2022 together with a well packed Euro Tour.

Stream/Download ‘I fell in love’: https://orcd.co/i-fell-in-love

4.11.22 Nürnberg (DE) – Kantine am Künstlerhaus (with The Green Apple Sea)
5.11.22 Singwitz (DE) – Kesselhaus Singwitz (with The Green Apple Sea)
11.11.22 Berlin (DE) – Kulturhaus Insel (with The Gentle Lurch)
12.11.22 Breda (NL) – Mezz
16.11.22 Hamburg (DE) – Astra Stube Musikkultur e.V.
17.11.22 Odense (DK) – Musikhuset Dexter
18.11.22 Viborg (DK) – Oeluminati
19.11.22 Svendborg (DK) – Harders
23.11.22 Dortmund (DE) – Hafenschänke subrosa
24.11.22 Hengelo (NL) – Metropol
27.11.22 Lindau (DE) – Zeughaus Lindau
30.11.22 Munich (DE) – Substanz
1.12.22 Dresden (DE) – Beatpol (with the Gentle Lurch)

…to be continued

New JOHN BLEK Album coming soon.

The upcoming JOHN BLEK Record is called ON ETHER & AIR. It’s the 4th and final part of John’s Catharsis project. It will be released 10th September. Save your copy of the beautiful 180gram gatefold vinyl. Available to pre order now.